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There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God... Psalm 46:4 (KJV)  


Founded in 1921, the Green River Pentecostal Church is the oldest Pentecostal Church in the area.  The turn of the century is well noted for its wide spread Pentecostal outpouring.  From  Azusa Street, to the mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, and across this vast land, the fire of revival was ignited.  In those days there were no television ministries.  Telephones had not become a household convenience.  This wonderful manifestation could only be perpetuated by one source, The Holy Spirit. 

Not far from this present location, a revival began around 1919 in the "old Yocum school house" near the banks of the Green River.  Men and women alike came to hear the singing and the  preaching of God's holy word.  In that old school house, a spiritual fire was set, and it's flames have spread to this present day. 

This revival would produce both the best and the worst in people.  The new recipients of this baptism of fire would soon be unwanted in the local houses of worship.  In 1921 Bill and Mealie Austin donated 1/4 acre of land to build another house, one for the holiness folk.  In their poverty, this small group invested for themselves and for us, some of the greatest treasures of heaven.  It is impossible to know the whole of their vision in the beginning, but thanks be to God, for we are the result of their labor and the fruits of their harvest.


The Austin's

A historial overview of pastors that have served at GRPC, was provided by a long time member, Sister Louverna Wilcher.  Here are her words...

“Around the years of 1919 or 1920, church services were being held at the Yocum School House on Green River.  The Yocum School House sat at the end of Trusty Road where Vivian Luttrell’s house sits now.  My mother, Ethel Jones Lay, was saved there. 

Plans began to be made for a church to be built.  Probably Willie Brewer and his brother, Andrew Brewer were some of the planners.  Bill and Mealie Austin gave a piece of land for the church to be built on.  My mother’s dad, F. P. Jones gave the logs for the lumber and he and my mother went in a one horse wagon to Stanford and collected money to help on the church.

The first preacher I heard of being connected to this church was Willie Brewer.  I guess he was the first pastor.  I wasn’t born until 1931, so I didn’t know him, but,  the first pastor or preacher I personally knew was Brother Richard Southerland.  I think he was there in the thirties or early forties.  Also later in the forties, Brother Brick Myers pastored the church.

In January of 1951, I was saved and in June of 1951, I was baptized.  I can’t remember who was pastor then, but, Brother Alfred Carrier and Brother Ben Doyle baptized me if my memory is correct.

In the fifties, a Brother Jones pastored us for quite a while.  He was still there in 1956. 

In 1957 Brother Hobert Reed from Ohio pastored us.

A few years later Brother Roland Cornelius from Mount Vernon, Kentucky pastored us.   He was here in 1961.  Like Brother Reed and Brother Jones, they came mostly on weekends.  I can’t remember how often.  I believe Brother Alfred Carrier may have been there then for quite a while.

In the Eighties, Brother Terry Lawwill and Brother Chester Trent  pastored us.  I guess that it was after this that Brother Alfred Carrier came back to pastor.  He had Brother Ron Robinson as Assistant Pastor to him.”

In 1994, Brother Mike Brandenburg became the pastor, and pastored for just over a year.

In August 1995, Brother Rick Naylor was elected pastor and has pastored until the present.  For the first few years of Brother Rick Naylor’s term as pastor, he was assisted by Brother Preston Hubble who served as Youth Pastor.  For the last several years, Brother Rick Naylor has been assisted, and is still assisted by Children’s Pastor, Brother  Johnny Walls, Youth Pastor, Brother  James Carrier, and Minister of Music, Brother Jason Coulter.

“This is the best I can remember, and from what I have been told and ones I can remember, I could be wrong.  If I’m right the list would be:

Willie Brewer

Richard Southerland

Brick Myers

Brother Jones

Hobert Reed

Roland Cornelius

Alfred Carrier

Terry Lawwill

Chester Trent

Alfred Carrier’s Second Term

Mike Brandenburg

Rick Naylor

Green River Pentecostal Church
7337 Kentucky Highway 698
Hustonville, Kentucky  40437